Vanya Lannisti

"That which is striking and beautiful is not always good..." -Ninon de L'Enclos


Vanya is tall for an elf maiden, standing at around 5’3”. She has a slender, graceful body that she accentuates with the most exquisite gowns in the latest fashions and only the most precious jewels. She favors emeralds above all other gems as they match the rich, deep green of her eyes. Her burgundy hair is long and silky, often styled up and accessorized with jewels, feathers or hats. She is beautiful beyond compare, even among elves, and widely regarded as the preeminent beauty of the age.


Descended from elven royalty and a cousin of the current king, Vanya was born to the Lannisti line. Her age being perfect for potential marriage with the future king of Vorlkim, Vanya’s mother groomed her from an early age with eyes on the throne. Though kept on a tight leash because of her importance to the family and potentially the entire nation, she has only ever known a life of the most profound luxury and ease. She has likewise received the finest education available, including tutelage from several noted sorcerers and wizards.

The close watch that her parents keep over Vanya has led her to seek escape at every opportunity. She enjoys travel above most other pursuits with the elven city of Graedenel being one of her favorite destinations. She has attended the Gaendenel summer festival annually for the last eight years, though always with an escort. Vanya also enjoys fine wines and food, the more exotic the better, as well as theatre, music and dancing. She is also quite the gambler and is fiendishly good at cards and other competitive games.

Never alone, her bodyguard Daugion and one or more of her ladies in waiting always accompany Vanya wherever she goes. Nor is she ever seen without her tiny green pseudodragon, which is all the rage as a pet among highborn elves, named Midori or her strange sylvan companion, a Petal named Foxglove. Her steward Sadron is often at her side as well, at least when she has not tied him up with some task or another to divert his usually watchful gaze.

Vanya is nearing her 122nd birthday and is the perfect age for marriage. She has long been considered the prime candidate in the race for King Andros’s hand with many within the court feeling that the race itself had become a mere formality that must be observed before the king announces his choice. This has led to no shortage of rivals and even outright enemies, though none openly engages in hostilities against her or the Lannisti in their bid.

Vanya Lannisti

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