Church Hierarchy

-Someone who has not yet been initiated into the priesthood, but wishes to join them.

-Someone who has had their initiation, and is learning the ways of Erudei. They are usually in the process of learning magic. Note that most wizards and some sorcerers are ranked at least Student.

-Someone who has finished their training, and may speak with authority on religious matters. Weavers are the most visible part of Erudei’s priesthood, manning her temples. They offer training in magic to any Student who approaches.

-The one tasked with setting that city’s curriculum for those learning magic. They often run the Wizard’s Guild if there is one, taking care of the mundane concerns.

-A member of the council of elders that runs each city’s temple, and perform more esoteric magic. They can perform any number of functions.

-A special rank, only bestowed by Erudai himself. Little is known, other than that all other ranks of the priesthood give way to anyone who has been marked thus.

Holy Symbol
-A wand.

-Magic, Perseverance, Exploration, Research, Knowledge. Others may be added as the campaign progresses.


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