Huahet is the god of Time. He was originally an androgynous hermaphrodite, but thanks to the acts of Akrasia, he is now male, and her lover.

When Akrasia came to see him after the assigning of roles, Huahet was entranced by her beauty, but he didn’t trust her. He was complete, both male and female, and had no need for a companion, but he tolerated her presence out of kindness.

He soon grew accustomed to her presence, and found that her humor and flirtations made his time working more enjoyable.

One day, he left her alone in his workshop, and went to find her a gift. His hourglass was almost finished, and he worried that she’d leave when it was done. He wanted to find something that would express the depth of his attraction to her, and convince her to stay with him.

He spied a lovely flower growing along the riverbanks. He took a few aside, and crafted them with his skills, changing their lily white petals to the deep purple black of her hair, and their centers to the soft ivory of her skin. He named them Akrasia’s Lilies, and bid them grow near brooks and streams, which bubbled over rocks in a sound much like her laughter.

Just as he released them from his thrall, he felt a pang in his heart, and his being tore, as part of himself was torn away. He looked down, and saw that his form was now completely masculine. He raced back to his workshop, and found his hourglass sitting on the table, with two holes drilled into the side, the beautiful gems spreading across the floor.

He scooped up what he could, but the awful truth revealed itself. Akrasia had left, and taken some of Time with her. For eons he wept, not sure what hurt him more – the loss of his perfection, or the loss of her.

Inevitably though, she came back, just as she’d taken a part of him, he’d taken a part of her. She couldn’t laugh like she used to without him, and she felt like she’d lost her luster when she wasn’t by his side.

Now they rule over time together, never truly trusting each other, but never truly wishing to be apart.

Huahet’s constellation is one of those that has vanished from the night sky. Having recently begun to lose their spells, his priesthood is rapidly disolving.


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