Issunti is a prosperous farming nation on Abrezil. They have friendly relations with most countries on the continent, a notable exception being Braelm, where the Heir Apparent and his family were brutally murdered during the conflict.

The old king, Hector, is known for his wisdom and fairness in all things. His generally affable nature is credited as the reason for his high popularity.

The people of Issunti are generally happy. Hunger and homelessness are practically non-existant, with most citizens being more than happy to open their homes, and their larders, to anyone willing to put in an honest day’s work.

The Dragonmark of Storms runs rampant through the area, usually used to ensure properly watered crops, but also used to ensure the speed of the trade ships that travel along the River Issun from the coast of the country into the heart of the continent.


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